The Faseroptik Jena GmbH produces different optical fibres for flexible edoscopes. The optical fibres may be delivered in bonded or fused cells.

The standard programm is bonded.

The extreme flexibility is achieved by:

  • very fine light conducting fibres in the light conducting bundle
  • a special smoothing on the individual light conducting fibres
  • manufacturing of every fibre bundle by warping from only one preform under defined circumstances
  • coating of the light conducting bundles with exactly adjusted silicon jackets.

Special designs according to sample delivery or drawing are possible in short term.

The listed dimensions of the optical fibres only refer to the active diameters of the light conducting fibre bundles. As a rule every article (optical fibre) has special metal mounts with different diametres and threads. The Faseroptik Jena GmbH is equipped with a drawing for every optical fibre and a stock for the various mounts.
Please determine the exact specification of the endoscope ( i.e. CF IT 20L ) and order under this name or the corresponding article number ( 60FE000024 ). The Faseroptik Jena GmbH then completes the desired optical fibre with the corresponding metall mounts.