Since 1960 fibre optic elements are designed and produced in Jena. The manufacturing profile was made to measure the Jenaer Zeiss Werke, that means the development was primarily oriented to problems of precision techniques, spectroscopy, microscopy and astro-production whereas about 50 percent of the products were delivered to medical engineering.

1991 the fibre optics where one of the first production sectors to be privately outsourced. Since then the company FASEROPTIK JENA GmbH pursues the manufacturing of fibre optic devices in fact with the qualified personnel of the Jenaer Zeiss Werke, the takeover and continuation of 30-year-old research and development works, considerable machinary and the corresponding measuring and test devices.

The development and production of light conducting cables from the set-up of corresponding glass combinations via the smoothing and coating of optical fibres up to the packing of vapour sterilisable light conducting bundles that started in the sixties allow the FASEROPTIK JENA GmbH to take over customer oriented development services on short call. As a technology oriented company we are also able to react on customer wishes in the short term besides the serial production.