The new high performance light conducting cable is as usual

  • autoclavable
  • adaptable to different cold light sources and optics
  • very flexible and
  • can resist high tensile strain and has an inside breaking protection.

The cold light cables can be delivered in different length and diameters (special length on request from 2,5 mm to 4,8 mm diameter). This is possible because the Faseroptik Jena GmbH both draws the fibres and tailors the multi-layered coating (stainless steel helix, braided hose, silicon cladding). The mechanical pieces and the adapters hail from the same manufacturing; “adapter problems” are thus preventible. The new high performance cold light cable has fused light guide fibres at the light entry. 

bonded light-conducting fibres

Between the fibers one can recognise the adhesive, which of course does not conduct light and burns under the influence of strong temperatures. During the use of xenon light sources the bonded light conducting cable ist often as strongly heated, that not only the adhesive burns but the fibre glass is getting cystically fused as well.

fused light-conducting fibres

The adhesive spandrels are no longer there, thus they can not burn and now there are fibers where used to be adhesive (increased transmission). During the use of light conducting cables under xenon light sources an increased transmission by approcimately 50% is realistic because of the strong light bundling effect.

The highly efficient light conducting cable from Jena might well be the first really universally usable light conducting cable, since it may combine diverse light sources and different endoscope optics via an adapter and simultaneously overcomes thermic loads of highly efficient light sources.